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The Fountain
of Youth.

Turn back the clock and feel young again.

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Boost Energy
and Lose Weight.

Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

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Power Your Performance.

Crush Your Work-Out Goals with this Athletic Enhancement & Recovery Drip 

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Helping to make a Healthier You.

Sharpen Your Mind. Defy Your Age. Optimize Your Body.

A Personalized Experience at Drip IV Lounge.

Welcome to the future of functional wellness. Enhance your body’s natural ability to heal itself physically and mentally with our proprietary IV Drip Therapies and Booster Shots.

How It Works

Benefits of a Drip.

From a healthier immune system, more energy, body detox, better sleep to a healthier gut and everything in between,  our individual drip’s have been designed to help you achieve your specific health goals.

What’s in my drip?


The Hangover

Still paying for last night? Hangovers wreak major havoc on your body. Even after the alcohol clears your system, they can stick around 8 to 24 hours, depending on how much you drink.  Electrolyte hydration helps augment your immune system and protect against toxins in the external and internal environment. Get your body and mind on the right path to feeling healthier with our Hangover Infusion.

Benefits of this Drip:


Recovery and Wellness

The Migraine

If you’ve ever experienced the flashes of light, blind spots, and decreased vision that can precede a migraine, you know they are a scary and disorienting warning of the pain ahead. Migraines are far more than just a bad headache. Experts believe that migraine headaches are caused by inflammation and abnormal brain activity including constriction followed by rebound dilation of the blood vessels within the brain.

Benefits of this Drip:
Better Sleep


Weight Loss

Weight Loss

So you’ve tried all the pills and supplements to help boost your weight loss to no avail, but have you tried IV Vitamin therapy designed specifically for Weight Loss? Our Weight Loss Drip contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and lipotropics that can help accelerate your metabolism. The lipotropics in this formula, are compounds that help your body break down fat naturally, help you burn calories faster. It is more effective than daily pills and with 100% absorption, you are one step closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

Benefits of this Drip:
Weight LossEnergyVitaminsBetter SleepHealthy GutCognitive Function


Wellness and Immunity


Give your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and on the go. The Defend Drip is a cold and flu booster, and improves both immune health and mental clarity. It includes a high dosage of Vitamin C, B vitamins, and Zinc combined with nutrients that help keep common illnesses at bay. This is the perfect drip for the busy business person or the continental world traveler.

Benefits of this Drip:
EnergyVitaminsHealthy GutCognitive Function


Wellness and Immunity

The Detox

Do you feel run down? Fatigued? Exhausted? Do you have a hard time focusing or feel your memory slipping? Have your weight loss attempts stalled despite your best efforts?

Your body could be overrun with toxins—a wide variety of noxious molecules that are keeping sick, tired, depressed, and overweight.

Benefits of this Drip:
Weight LossEnergyVitaminsHealthy GutCognitive Function




Get the ultimate beauty boost from the inside out with this perfect blend of hydration, high-dose glutathione, biotin and multi-trace elements. No tricks or angles, just 100% vitamin and antioxidant absorption to keep your hair, skin, and nails looking pristine.

Benefits of this Drip:
Weight LossVitaminsBetter SleepCognitive Function


Wellness and Immunity


This concentrated dose of amino acids, electrolytes, and multivitamins supports the rebuilding, maintenance and hydration of your muscles, enhancing endurance and recovery. Flush out lactic acid and restore your body with one liter of hydration. Get pumped with 100% nutrient absorption, your muscles will thank you!

Benefits of this Drip:
EnergyVitaminsBetter SleepHealthy GutCognitive Function


Drip Boosters and IV Pushes

Benefits of this Booster:
Weight LossEnergyVitamins


Raise Your Metabolism and Burn Fat / $35


Benefits of this Booster:
Cognitive Function

Sunshine DBooster

Vitamin D / $35

Half of the population are deficient in Vitamin D. Unless you live in the tropics year-round, chances are you aren’t getting enough of Vitamin D, aka: “The Sunshine Hormone.” This can weaken the immune system, affect muscle and bone health, and most commonly impair mood and concentration. Improve your mood, sleep, and concentration levels with a blast of sunshine containing 50,000 units of Vitamin D.


Benefits of this Booster:
Cognitive Function

Co-Enzyme Q10Booster

Energy and Recovery / $45


Benefits of this Drip:
Cognitive Function


NAD+ / $55

This amazing molecule increases brain, memory and mood functionality increasing production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It also protects cell DNA and keeps mitochondria healthy, which in turn increases energy levels and keeps cells reproducing effectively.


Benefits of this Booster:

Super B’sBooster

B-Complex / $25

Drip’s Super B’s Booster shot combines 6 powerful B vitamins, including MethylCobalamin B12. These B vitamins boost your body’s systems that support mood, energy production, memory, immune system and even hair and nail health.


Benefits of this Booster:

B12 EnergyBooster

B12 / $35

From our blood cells to our nerves to our very DNA, Vitamin B12 is a critical vitamin for our bodies. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin required for many reactions in your body and is a crucial step in many of our main detoxification pathways. Compared to the Super B’s booster, this booster shot offers double the B12.


Benefits of this Booster:

GlutathioneIV Push

L-Glutathione Beauty Push / $85

Glutathione gives your skin a brighter, more radiant glow, ranking it as Hollywood’s actors and top model’s number one choice. Glutathione is called the Master Antioxidant and is your body’s #1 weapon against harmful toxins and chemicals. It protects cells from free radicals and then sticks to harmful toxins allowing your body to metabolize and expel them.


A Better Approach to Your Well Being, from the ones you already trust.

Drip is the product of medical science and functional wellness. Led by our Medical Director Dr. Tom Macek, our passionate team of medical professionals is determined to educate the world about IV drip therapy and personalized nutrition. Our infusion specialists are experienced Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, and Registered Nurses with a commitment to wellness and health.

Why Should You Drip With Us?

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Amazing service!

The level of care and expertise at Method is incredible. They truly test and monitor all your deficiencies and supply you with a nutrition and supplement plan that is tailored for your body.

Robert A.


Method provides the most personalized preventative medicine and health boosting options I’ve ever experienced.



Amazing service, never had such detailed analysis results’ explanation in my life. No more health program trials, now I can finally work on what my body actually needs.

Andres S.

They really care!

Joe and team are professional, knowledgeable and really care. I get a weekly vitamin infusion that keeps me feeling great. Thank you Joe!



Method was a game changer for me and my business. My day is very demanding so I wanted to try a safe work around to boost my energy throughout my day.

Erik M.

Game changer.

Great experience. Joe is awesome to work with. Using Method and their services has been a game changer for me. Highly recommend them.

Scott F.


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